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"Gel Train at Baychester"

On the morning of December 7th, New York City Transit's "Rail Adhesion Train", led by St. Louis Car Company R33 #8885, passes Baychester Avenue station on the middle track of IRT Dyre Avenue Line. The middle track on this line is normally used for test and work trains but station work at Gun Hill Road resulted in its use for northbound runs towards Dyre Ave. Rail Adhesion Trains, also known as "Gel Trains", make one nightly round trip on select portions of specific New York City Transit subway lines applying a sandite solution to the rails to eliminate slip slide conditions during the leaf season. These trains usually consist of old subway cars that have been retired from revenue service and converted to work train duties. The Dyre Ave Gel Train is the A Division's only Rail Adhesion train; consisting of R33 "Redbird" cars and running on the original New York, Westchester & Boston Railroad right of way between East 180th Street and Dyre Avenue.
"Gel Train at Baychester"