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"A708 from the Ground at 84 Lumber""A708 at 84 Lumber""A708 at Southeast Culvert""MAC at Winder""Dreary Day on the Link""CSX Rail Train at Highland Falls Station""CSX Daylight Freight at Mable Hill""CSX Daylight Freight at Mable Hill" (Close)"Taking Headroom on Philly Belt Line""CSX PTC Test Under the Tunnel""Rail Train at Tri-Seal""Emerging from the Alley at Mamaroneck""Shoving Loads on the Marval Industrial""The Marval Industrial Alleyway""Tight Enclosure on the Marval Industrial""CSX Geometry at Congers Station""CSX Geometry at the Newburgh Silos""CSX Geometry under the Old Erie Main Line""Outlawed at Croton West""Market Local at Sal's"

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